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Los Angeles, famous for being rich with cultural values, is a financial and commercial center for Southern California. This is America’s second-most populous city, and here you find yourself in the magnificent city of Los Angeles.

1 Venice Beach:

Have you ever seen the reality of the fictional word “busy”? if not! Venice Beach is a place to experience as a tourist, and the beach is an attractive combination of nature that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Specializing in water activities such as windsurfing and swimming, it is also a good place to enjoy lunchtime with a soft sea breeze.

2 Hollywood Walk of Fame:

With a mix of actors, musicians, directors, producers, musicians, playwright, fictional characters and others, who have been successful in the entertainment industry, walking in a cool breeze with the city’s public statue, for a walk with their family Is the right place.

3 Getty Images:

Getty Museum is one of the famous Getty Cabin, which has a wide range of artifacts and antiques. This is the perfect place to check among many paintings depicted by Robbins, including Monet, Rainier, Cesena, and Van Gogh as a tourist.

4 Jurassic Technology Museum:

The museum collection includes art, scientific, ethnographic and historical performances as well as some unexplained performances, a house which is a wonderful collection of works of art and imagery. When you are on vacation, this is a good place to enjoy with your family.

Griffith Observatory:

Griffith Observatory is located in Griffith Park, a free astronomical museum that offers tourists a glimpse of what looks like in outer space using the massive Super-Jesus Telescope. There is also a comprehensive view of the atmosphere of the quiet Los Angeles and some scientific works.

6 Disneyland Park:

This is one of the Disney Theme Parks, a place that your children need to experience and relax after long school activities. This is a dream true for any child, with ferry wheels, pie and fun features such as fun lengths.

7 Hollywood Recording:

We are talking about an American icon and cultural sites on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area of ​​Santa Monica Mountain. It is best to see the Hollywood banner from below and it is looking for the best perspectives of tourists to establish artifacts in the vicinity of the mountain.

8 California Science Center:

Los Angeles County Natural History Museum and the University of Southern California are next to the California Science Center. Exhibition Park is open every day except for national holidays. It is an attractive environment for children and adults with school groups and researchers from around the world, which floods every minute building.

9 engine rodeo:

Unrivaled Shopping Catalogs from Rodeo Drive protect their position as one of Los Angeles’s most popular destinations. With more than 100 stores, fashion clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, home furnishings and much more; Tourists can find almost anything inside these famous blocks. There are also restaurants for lunch and dinner.

10 Chinese Grauman Theater:

There are at least 200 Hollywood celebrities, footprints and solid signatures from the front stage. The Chinese Theater has always been one of the best characters due to its grandeur and decoration. This is undoubtedly a worthwhile destination for tourists visiting Los Angeles.

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