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Facts Every Lawyer Should Know About Hispanic Marketing

Still one of the fastest growing areas of the population. As a result, Latin communities throughout the United States have an increasing need for legal representation.

Consider these facts:

1. 75% of Hispanics speak Spanish at home

While about 44% of Hispanics talk about online searches in English, more than half said that they still prefer to deal with Spanish-speaking companies, even if they do not.

2. Latins are the largest user of mobile devices

Whether it is live, text, or online, the Hispanic population is approximately 10.5 hours in a week on smartphone usage compared to the 8.4-hour average for other ethnic groups.

3. Spaniards are the largest users of social networking platforms

Current reports indicate that 75% of Latin Americans use social media for entertainment and research compared to 68% for the remaining ethnic groups, spending about 7 hours to reach different social platforms.

Are you enough to effectively sell the legal firm of the Spanish community?

Here are some ways to build and develop relationships with Latino and Latin in your market:

1. Advertisement on local platforms in Spanish

Local radio channels, billboards, bus stations, magazines and local newspapers are still the way to keep your name and your community in front. Bilingual, or completely Spanish, as a professional in advertisements local Spanish speakers believe those who welcome them and will speak them in the most comfortable language without fear of judgment.

2. Latin Community Partnership

In larger urban areas, more and more cultural groups conduct street festivals and fundraising. Become a part of the events. Take care of the snack bar or lunch. Talk to the people around you. They may not need legal services right now, but they will remember that you were there and took the time to talk.

3. Your website is a 24-hour law firm

It is not enough to see “C translation Español” on your website. If you are a Spanish speaking lawyer, or if you have a translation team, you can market yourself in Spanish. A complete section or entire site dedicated to providing your legal services in Spanish.

Phone friendly designs are important. Since the statistics show that Latinos use their mobile devices at a higher rate than non-latina, it is essential that your website is self-coordinating to fit any device automatically.

Spanish marketing companies like MediaDvine.com provide website services, translation services and original content writing to help you meet your website’s needs.

4. Build traffic for your legal practice

There are some online legal guides that reliably improve Spanish and bilingual searches within Spanish communities across the country, such as SeHablaLaw.com and AbogadosLegal.com. Creating a link from different sites will help in your search engine optimization efforts.

For more than a decade, the search engine has relied heavily on the link to measure domain popularity and authority. Background links to relevant areas are considered important. Search engine websites use link data and algorithms to evaluate individual pages based on this information as well.

Before buying online marketing campaigns or joining any of the available bilingual networks, ask yourself: How long have you been working in the business? Do they give a guarantee? Is this your site? Do they provide fair and competitive prices? Is the market saturated? Will the list of my data be displayed in the long list of lawyers?

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