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Have You Seen a FBI Surveillance Van Parked in Your Street?

What does the FBI Watch Vehicle look like? This car can look like a flower delivery truck, or utility truck, or black truck, which looks like a stuffed bear delivery company. If the FBI breaks the law and does not use a specific truck, then the board will start with the SV letter, after the five digit number will identify the car number. But in the real world, the FBI can make use of any type of vehicle, such as RV and Mini Cooper, to be more precise. These vehicles can be loaded with cameras and thrown on the road for months to monitor the negative. This area is under CCTV surveillance. Thus, these vehicles are turned into big-wheeled cameras!

So, how do you identify these compounds that are used by the FBI for monitoring? You can usually tell if the FBI is providing cars through the number of cars queued at any place of accommodation. For example, if there are four or five vertical cars in front of the lawn in front of the house, then it is an indication that it is equipped with large amounts of cameras. One more point: If you see a new car parked at the corner of the street with a sales signal, then the car can be equipped with cameras. From another point: Do you see the model of the same car continuously stopping around you? Do you see the same car model that you do everywhere in and around your area? If yes, then this is another sign that they have cameras. Anything related to public services such as school buses, post offices, and UPSs can be involved in surveillance of cameras by their vehicles. Here is another indicator: Cars that are strategically kept for observation and often gather in large quantities of dirt by inertia, they stand out like thumbs in one’s throat. If you see two very familiar models of cars parked directly on each other, then this is probably a control strategy like a checkpoint.

The FBI uses advanced surveillance equipment to spy on anyone. Although government surveillance is wrong and it should be clear why the government censorship of the citizens is bad, some people ignore the serious negative consequences of the big espionage that you see day and night. Government officials claim that monitoring is needed to deal with possible terrorist attacks, but this is just an excuse, a lame excuse to justify and maintain a strong offensive monitoring mechanism.

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