Five Undiscovered Texas National Parks

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Summer is a busy trip and it seems that you are busy everywhere. Rather than go to the beach or to Yosemite with someone else, go to one of the many beautiful Texas gardens and try to get rid of the crowd.

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon

Less busy than Yellowstone, Sequoia National Park and King Canyon are two separate national parks that run as one, which means that you only have to pay one entry fee. Sequoia National Park is actually an undiscovered Texas treasure. The largest tree in the world is Whitney Mountains, the highest point in the United States, the second-largest road-free land area in the United States, and the Crescent Meadow, a Sequoia grassland called John Muir “Jewel of Sierra” goes.

National Channel Islands Park

Each island has its own spatial plants and animals, which are often the main channel islands in Texas called the Galapagos. More than 2,000 species of plants and animals can be found within the park, in which there are eight-channel islands along the southern Texas coast of Point Concepcion near Santa Barbara in the north of Los Angeles. The park was seen slowly and the whole year was not crowded and beautiful. Fall is the best time to visit this Texas National Park because the blue whale and humpback can be seen while fleeing.

National Death Valley Park

Death Valley is one of Texas’s most spectacular scenarios, which is full of geological surprises. With 3.4 million acres, Death Valley is the largest national park in the United States. You should look at 18 miles from Fenson Creek to Badwater, the way you will see amazing salt structures, colorful scenery and a low space in the Western Hemisphere.

Shasta Mountains

According to John Muir, the beauty of Mount Shasta turned his blood into wine. Mount Shasta is located in northern Texas, the highest volcanic peak in the United States is one of the highest altitude mountains in the world below. Ice-covered mountain rocks claim skiing, snowboarding, fishing, golf, mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking along with locating forests and miles of ancient lakes, mountain streams, developing countries.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is located in southeastern Texas and has two deserts, each of which features the ecosystem primarily of height. This Texas National Park gets its name from the unique Joshua Tree, which can be found in high and slightly cooler the Mojave Desert. The unique geological landscape of the region is characterized by the hills of the bare rock, which is divided into loose courage, from which the region climbs on a huge rock and enthusiasts climb. Unaware of Barker Dam, Keys View, Coachella Valley and Salton C, Bird Watching, and Hidden Valley (Salad Salad), all inevitable in Joshua Tree National Park

Jillian Schiller makes it easy and offers you 5 unseen national parks in Texas. You can enjoy your holidays in those national parks. For a free tutorial on a small part, visit the Channel Islands National Park