Owning a Classic Craftsman Home in Northeast Los Angeles

The architecture of the house in the NELA varies widely: Modern, Art Deco, Victorian, Theodore, and others. But most of the attention can be paid to the craftsman’s homes.

In the neighborhood of North-East Los Angeles, Hari’s house is one of the most sought after properties. One of the reasons for many reasons is that homes for sale in Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Harmon, and other places have become hot goods, the so-called “home of personality” has a renewed interest. But there are big changes and shapes and positions in artisan homes – open opportunities for home buyers in a series of prices.

High prices – prices ranging from $ 400,000 to $ 2 million – are an interesting twist to the events held in the homes of NEL’s artisans. These solid structures were originally designed for the emergence of middle-class home ownership in the early 19th and early 20th centuries. Features of Gon Victorian homes include only the servants used by family staff and the kitchen quarters. Instead, the family prepared their meals, while some kitchens had mixed facilities with dining room – that is why these compact glass-attached cabinets of dishwasher were previously hidden from formal dining rooms.

The features of the artisans’ homes vary from low roof to deep wells, exposed rafts (usually with knee-shaped clamps), windows, bungalows floors and one half, large fireplace (often surrounded by a compact wardrobe) and double hanging window Are. Outside, craftsmen had large balconies to welcome newcomers to California, who provided long outdoor weather for those coming from the north-east and central-west.

Note that bungalows and craftsmen often have homes – but not always – the same; Always the front porch in the bungalows (“roof” if you prefer), while the craftsman sometimes does not. (If you are looking for homes for sale in Glassel Park, Garvanza or Mount Washington, then you can know your realtor by looking for excellence.)

There may be another difference between the artisans’ homes designed by some architects (Green and Green have produced large volumes to determine direction from Spanish and Japanese aesthetics, whereas artisan house ratios and features are less costly and The homes that were designed were either sent by a train in a group (such as Sears’s Houses) or by 1920 developers. A redundancy design used can be seen, when they see one.

When they were created for the first time, artisans made very popular, which makes them equally popular today. These concrete buildings have a cozy style that accommodates easy flow between rooms and activities. Mothers and fathers who eat in the kitchen can take a break to help the children do their homework with a clock on the stove. Take a party on the ground terrace, but some guests can easily flush inside the house to enjoy details of art and crafts in the tank, fireplace or picnic area. They are healthy, simple and strong: whatever stands today, stands for a century of seismic activity and is a proof of the powerful handicrafts of these artisans.

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