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What Are The Pros and Cons of Government Surveillance?

Most people have the opposite attitude about government surveillance. Since becoming President of Obama, government surveillance has increased on the Internet. Government surveillance statistics: In 2015, more than 30% of adult Americans were concerned about the government censorship of their e-communications. On the one hand, it is good to increase government surveillance security and help prevent potential terrorist attacks. On the other hand, many government surveillance will confuse our privacy and will violate our basic civil rights. Where to draw the line for a happy agreement? If 911 is generated by the elite in the US government, paying and demanding more and more government control is the only goal of this tragic event in which thousands of Americans were sacrificed. 911 should never be How can the world’s strongest country be attacked by a team of terrorists in the Middle East? The entire program is related to government coverage while competing with American officials who create ideal conditions for national unrest. Just shout Here are some key pieces of domestic and domestic surveillance:

1) Does your laptop or desktop computer hang on regularly or often?

2) Do you think someone is following you while browsing online?

3) Did your online activity get disturbed by web page frozen or your computer screen becoming black?

4) When shopping on a website, are your shopping experiences handy without any weird and inexplicable bugs?

5) Do you have any difficulty visiting all the sites listed in the search engine?

6) Do the prices of some of the products you buy regularly increase on the Internet?

7) Do you feel the uncertainty you see at home?

8) Do you regularly notice the siren if I say some negative words in your comments?

9) Does anyone in your family give you the impression that they are following you at home?

10) Do your closest neighbors meet you unnaturally as if you hide a dark secret?

11) Do you see the neighbors suddenly jumping like they walk with their dogs or drive a stroller in their house or push them?

12) Do your neighbors sometimes stop their cars for no reason in front of your home?

If you answer any of the above questions, then you may be in the FBI surveillance. If you are not surprised, the FBI has become very bold since 911. I should know. The FBI will not let me go alone.

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